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SWIFT EV hybrid will put on the market in March, 2013.

The range-extender system is adopted as SWIFT EV hybrid.

At Tokyo Motor Show in 2011, EV hybrid which used SWIFT as the base was exhibited by Suzuki Booth. This model will be marketed.
The gasoline engine only for power generation is installed in this SWIFT EV hybrid. It runs only with the torque from the electric motor.
The sale time will be around March, 2013 next year.
The battery for a drive is stored in the luggage area floor.

The SWIFT EV hybrid is good at a long distance running.

The power unit of the SWIFT EV hybrid is only an electric motor. The output is 55 kW (75ps), and may be the shortage of Power as compared with 91ps of present SWIFT 1.2L. However, since the electric motor can generate the maximum output from a low rotation state, there are few worries about output performance.

The charge time is 4 hours with 100V power supply. Moreover, in the case of 200V power supply for exclusive use, they are 1 hour and a half.
In the case of a full charge state, the distance which can be run is 30 km without an power generation drive. However, since the range-extender system is installed, if the engine for power generation is made to drive, running exceeding it is possible. It is not necessary to care about battery residual quantity by long-distance drive. The usual gasoline supply may be needed.

The fuel consumption at the time of running generating electricity is 28 km/L in the JC08 mode. It is excellent. It is not wonderful fuel consumption performance like the compact hybrid car of Toyota AQUA. However, in the case of the SWIFT EV hybrid, if electric power can be supplied from an external charge equipment , practical use fuel consumption will be extended.
The range-extender of the SWIFT EV hybrid has a system simpler than THS-II hybrid system of Toyota. Therefore, it is expected that a price will become cheap.

In Tokyo Motor Show, the 658cc engine for Japanese K-car was installed as an object for power generation. Now, this is replaced with a 450-cc engine and development is advancing. Power generation efficiency should improve further.