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SUBARU Impreza G4 Hybrid will be released in February, 2013.

Impreza G4 in which the hybrid engine will be installed.

The release time of the Impreza hybrid was considered around the autumn in 2012. It will postpone and will be around February, 2013.
A hybrid engine will be first installed for Impreza G4 of a sedan.
(The following photograph is Impreza G4. )
Impreza G4 Hybrid,2013

Impreza Hybrid will have a FB type 1.6L turbo and a Toyota FR hybrid system.

The unit which combined a FB type 1.6L Boxer Turbo and a hybrid system will be installed in Impreza G4 Hybrid. According to body size, you may think that the hybrid system of Prius is installed in Impreza Hybrid, but that is not right.
Impreza has special form of flat 4 engine. Therefore, installation of the hybrid system for FF vehicles of Toyota cannot be performed. Since Impreza Hybrid will install the hybrid system for FR vehicles of Toyota, it will be a cost rise.

Impreza G4
The patent of some of THSII will time out at the end of 2012. It will be easy for the automaker in the world to release a hybrid car. The monopoly by Toyota and Honda of hybrid cars will be finished. The automakers in the United States and Germany have announced many hybrid cars already.
However, Subaru is a subsidiary of Toyota. Since the supply of hybrid technology was received promptly, the start of development was early. It is expected that Impreza G4 Hybrid will be a highly complete system.

SUBARU XV will be released in the next autumn.Instrumentalpanel & trunk photos.

New photos of SUBARU XV in Beijing International Automobile Exhibition.

We introduce the newest picture of compact crossover SUV,SUBARU XV.
SUBARU XV of the silver-metallic color was exhibited in Tokyo Motor Show in 2011. Furthermore, XV of the white pearl color was displayed in the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition in 2012.
subaru XV
XV Instrumentalpanel
Impreza XV of the old model only had an ornament of the SUV style. However, the range of an exclusive design is expanded about XV of the next model. Minimum ground clearance is set as 225 mm. It becomes the specification which can respond to an everyday bad road.

The knee space of a backseat is large. Structure of a sheet is solid and its long-distance drive also seems to be comfortable. The level as the newest C segment vehicle is cleared.
subaru XV rearseat

It was thought that a trunk was somewhat narrow.
subaru XV trunk

The spare tire is installed under the trunk floor and there is no convenient storage space.
XV trunk

SUBARU XV will be released in the 2012 autumn.

There was an opinion of sale about the debut time of next XV in June. However, the opinion of the September sale of the August announcement at the present is leading. About the grade which carries Eyesight, there is still no information.

The minor change of LEGACY.The turbo version engine of 86 and BRZ is installed.

The minor change of LEGACY is carried out.

LEGACY after a minor change was exhibited in New York International Auto Show the other day. LEGACY of the new exterior to which change was added centering on the front grille was able to be checked.
The lineup of the grade which carries the new style 2.0L boxer turboengine DIT will be carried out to this new style LEGACY.

(A photograph is the LEGACY North America specification after the minor change. )
minor change of LEGACY

FA20 type turbo is carried in LEGACY.

DIT engine is carried in new style LEGACY after a minor change. This DIT engine equips with a twin scroll turbo the direct injection boxer engine of the FA type 2.0L carried in 86&BRZ. The specifications of that are horsepower output 300ps and maximum torque 40.8kgm.
It achieves a performance rise steeper than the old 2.5L turbo.
It was assumed that this turboengine of the FA type 2.0L was delayed for the 1.6L turbo in sale. However, it will be carried from new style LEGACY and it was rash in the debut.

A photograph is the 2.0L direct injection horizontally opposed engine in which Subaru and Toyota collaborated. This is installed in 86 and BRZ. This is equipped with a twin scroll turbo and it installs in new LEGACY.

Regrettably, DIT model in which eyesight was installed is not sold to the minor change on May 8.
The additional lineup of the eyesight model will be carried out in the autumn of 2012.
The eyesight of the following version is installed in it.

Old EJ type is abolished about 2.5L engine. And FB type is adopted newly. It is equipped with idling stop.

About transmission, Linear-tronic CVT is improved and the eight speed shift can be enjoyed in S# mode.

The mass production of SUBARU BRZ and TOYOTA 86 began.

SUBARU starts production of BRZ and 86.

Subaru began production of Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 from March 16, 2012 today. BRZ and 86 are the new style FR sports cars of horizontally-opposed-engine loading.
They fused the horizontally-opposed-engine technology of Subaru, and the direct injection technology of Toyota. The Fuji Heavy Industries (SUBARU) Gumma main factory takes charge of these production. Toyota Motor President Akio Toyoda also participated in the factory, and the line-off ceremony was held today.
They were planning the new style sports car of horizontally-opposed-engine loading after the business tie-up of Toyota and Subaru in October, 2005. This was realized at last.
86 brz
Already accepted reservations BRZ and 86 has been started. Currently, the delivery is made around July.

Should we buy one of the BRZ and 86.

86 toyota
BRZ subaru
86 and BRZ are the brother models whose fundamental specification is almost the same. However, the design of a front grille, an interior color, and a suspension arrangement have a slight difference.
It is easy to carry out the drift of the 86, and it has become the arrangement for the young men who can play as it is in a circuit. The emblem of 86 under A peeler is also felt as the design for young men.
On the other hand, BRZ is an arrangement called a gentleman’s FR sport by stability serious consideration.
An initial order received has the strong popularity of 86. However, a possibility that BRZ will become popularity from now on is high.