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EV sports car INFINITY EMERG-E in Beijing.

Infiniti Emerge was exhibited in also Beijing.

Nissan showed INFINITY EMERG-E in Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.
Honda displaied a new color of NSX concept, Toyota announced a new style concept and Nissan proposed the next-generation sport EV by Infiniti EMERG-E.
This EMERG-E is the same vehicle as what was already exhibited in Geneva auto show in March, 2012.
Infiniti EMERG-E

EMERG-E has been developed to target the release of 2015.

Infinity EMERG-E are equipped with series hybrid system based on EV. It has two high-output electricity motors of 201ps in the both rear wheels, 1.2L 3-cylinder engine for power generation only and Lithium-ion battery. Since it is series hybrid system, the distance which can be flown is extensible by gasoline supply. Although EV has long charge time and an infrastructure problem of a recharging point, there is nothing to EMERG-E.

infiniti emerg-e
EMERG-E is a Range-extended EV with a generator. It is believed that potential vehicle based on the EMERG-E will be released is high. Actual running prototype model that can be has been already produced two, running test has been carried out.
Target of the release time is around 2015.
EMERG-E EV sports car
It is expected that EMERG-E has an advanced stability control system by separate motors.

New Sentra will be a vehicle in common with new Sylphy in Beijin auto show.

Nissan new Sylphy is new Sentra.

New Sylphy has been world premiere in Beijin International Automotive Exhibition 2012. The vehicle will be new Sentra in the North America.
New Sylphy in Beijin
New Sylphy will be sold all over the world. First of all, it will produce at the Huadu factory of Dongfeng Nissan Motor Company Limited, and sale will be started in China in mid-2012. Then, it is put on the market by 120 nations in the world until 2014.
New Sylphy is New Sentra

New sentra has a good interior.

A 1.8L engine and an XTRONIC CVT are installed in new Sylphy of the China specification.
Sylphy Sentra 1.8L
There is much sedan demand in the Chinese market. Sunny smaller than Sylphy also exists.

Sylphy Sentra trunk
The trunk room of new Sentra has the biggest capacity in the segment. A center trunk through mechanism is equipped. However, it doesn’t have a folding rear seat.

Sentra Sylphy drivers seat
Sentra Sylphy rear seat
A rear seat leg space is large.

V37 INFINITI G with hybrid engine will be released in 2013.

The model change of INFINITI G will be in 2013.

Current V36 INFINITI G has been sold from 2006. In 2013, it will be given full model change innovation.
New V37 INFINITI G will have a Hybrid Engine. The system consists of a V6 3.5L, motors and Lithium-ion battery. The horsepower output is 360ps.

The following picture is CV36 SKYLINE COUPE.

Next INFINITI G has the same Hybrid System as INFINITI M.

The same system as FUGA Hybrid is installed in INFINITI G Hybrid. But about weight of vehicle, INFINITI G Hybrid is lighter. When a current model with the same engine compares, the INFINITI G is lighter 120 kg.

On the other hand, also NA V6 3.0L direct-injection engine is installed in new INFINITI G. The horsepower output will be about 300 ps.

The platform of V37 INFINITI G is the carry-over from current V36.
The release time of new INFINITI G is around May, 2013.

Also full model change of CV37 COUPE is planned in summer 2013.
New CV37 Coupe has a V6 3.5L Hybrid too.