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The compact SUV based on next FIT(JAZZ) will be released in 2013 by Honda.

Honda is developing the SUV vehicle of FIT derivation.

The full model change of FIT (European name JAZZ) will be scheduled for 2013 next year. The compact SUV car which used the next FIT as the base is developed by Honda. It is assumed to be released at Tokyo Motor Show in 2013.
This FIT derivation SUV will be the global car produced & sold all over the world. After it is released in Japan, in Europe, China, South America, North America, the Asia emerging country, and each area, local production and sale are likely to be started around in 2014.

A new style direct injection 1.5L engine or hybrid engine will be installed in the FIT derivation SUV.

The prime engine of new style compact SUV will be two types. They are the new style direct injection 1.5L engine installed from the next FIT, or the hybrid system. Now, there is no hybrid car at compact SUV. This FIT derivation SUV will be the first hybrid car in the segment. As for the Europe specification, installation of the diesel engine is considered. Moreover, Honda considers installing in it the outdated engine of the present FIT which the cost cut followed, and releasing with budget prices for emerging market.
As for FIT derivation SUV, a center tank layout is adopted. The merit of packaging is also expectable.

(Photographs is Nissan JUKE which is a rival product of FIT derivation SUV.)
JUKE is a rival product of FIT SUV
In compact SUV designed in Japan, Nissan JUKE is the sole wins now. Mazda is developing SUV vehicle CX-3 of the Demio base. Furthermore, if FIT-SUV will be added, they will be fighting in confusion.

Honda stopped development of the next INSIGHT.

The next INSIGHT has been canceled.

Honda suspended developing the next INSIGHT of a hybrid car.
The current 2nd generation INSIGHT was released in 2009 as a model following the 1st generation in 1999-2006 . However, the volume of sales had fallen short of expectation.
The minor change of the INSIGHT was carried out in 2011 last year. In order to oppose a rival’s Prius, the grade which installed the 1.5L IMA hybrid engine was added. But the situation of sluggish sales was not able to be changed.
Honda judged that it was difficult to sell the next model by INSIGHT brand, and canceled development.
The sale of the current INSIGHT is continued from now on. It will be uninfluential to the user who is considering the purchase of a current model INSIGHT.
INSIGHT exclusive

The next-generation IMA hybrid engine will be installed in a FIT.

The next INSIGHT had been developed by the plan of the release in 2014. Installation of a new style hybrid system was included in it.
DOHC and Atkison cycle are given to the 1.5L SOHC engine of the current INSIGHT EXCLUSIVE, and a compression ratio is raised even to 13.5 from 10.4.
Although development of the next INSIGHT has been canceled, development of this new IMA hybrid system has been continued.
The new IMA hybrid will be installed in the next model FIT HYBRID. The fuel consumption performance will be released exceeding 40 km/L by JC08 mode.

A red NSX concept is displayed at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

Honda is developing the new model NSX.

Honda is developing the new model NSX. It will be released in 2015.Honda has so far exhibited the NSX concept at North American International Auto Show and Geneva Motor Show. It is the Beijing Auto Show and was able to catch the sight again this time. The crimson body was impressive this time.

A photograph is the NSX concept exhibited at the Beijing auto show. In North America and China markets,it will be sold by the Acura brand.
NSX concept
NSX concept in Beijing

The outline of the next term NSX.

A hybrid system is installed in the next term NSX. Though it is a premium sports car, fuel consumption performance is excellent. JC08 mode fuel consumption is developed with the target of about 15 km/L. At present, a V6 3.5L hybrid engine is due to be installed. It is surmised that a total output is set to about 380 ps at the maximum.
Moreover, if it is sale in 2015, a plug-in hybrid system must be common. If a big lithium-ion battery is installed in NSX, practical use fuel consumption’s will improve further.
The drive system is SH-AWD,and the engine-loading position is a midship system.
NSX sport hybrid SH-AWD
The vehicles price is predicted to be about 10 million yen. It is cheaper than Nissan GT-R or Lexus LFA.

Honda has announced the Aqura RLX Concept.

New Aqura RL is a sale schedule in 2013.

Honda made RLX Concept the world premiere in New York International Auto Show 2012.The RLX Concept will be released as New Acura RL in the North American market.
Acura RLX Concept

The SH-AWD of Aqura RL will evolve further.

The lineup of new Aqura RL will have a FF model and an AWD model. Honda has announced the release time of new Aqura RL is early 2013. However, only FF model may be put on the market at this time.
The FF model will have newly developed V6 3.5L engine. It is downsizing compared with the current 3.7L engine. However, a new engine is equipped with a direct injection system, a new VTEC, and also a cylinder pause system VCM. It is not only excellent in fuel consumption, but a horsepower output exceeds 309ps of current engine.
Acura RL
The AWD model is waited eagerly more than FF model of precedence sale. The SH-AWD will be evolved more. It has the electric motors independent to both the right and left of the rear wheel. Therefore, it can perform rear wheel control more delicate than an old SH-AWD system. Besides these, the main part of V6 engine of a front is also equipped with an electric motor. Honda has announced that the horsepower output of the system which consists of a V6 3.5L engine, a front motor and two rear motors exceeds 370ps. That is, next Aqura RL AWD has a hybrid engine. A lithium ion battery is installed in it as a battery for motors drive.
The release time of the AWD model of next Aqura RL will be about one year after FF model sale. It is around the early 2014 from the later 2013.

Honda price-cuts significantly about STREAM. Line-up will be only RSZ.

STREAM will be minor changes. Grade configuration that will be reduced.

Honda’s STREAM, be minor changes.
STREAM of the current model, have a wide range of grade line-up (X, Gi, ZS, RSZ, TS, RST). However, after minor changes, leaving the RSZ, all others will be abolished.
In addition, passengers are changed from 7 seater to 6 seater.

STREAM the price of a new, 1.8L engine for the model, is 1,990,000 yen for FF, is 2,240,000 yen for 4WD. About 2.0L engine model, 2,200,000 yen for FF, 2,450,000 yen for 4WD. It comes to price down of about 100,000 yen compared with the current model RSZ grade.
STREAM number of sales are depressed. Honda is to clean up the line-up, and then to drastically reduce, to keep the sale of end-stage model.

STREAM made a minor change will be released April 5, 2012.

(Photo, STREAM of previous minor changes)

STREAM it to be a full model change is difficult.

STREAM of the current model, in 2006, six years have elapsed as the second generation, from the debut in Japan. Since it is now 2012, is the right time to do a full model change soon. However, it is not achieved.

In Japan, demand minivan is a high level. However, low overall height low roof minivan, such as STREAM, because the interior is not much wide, few users will buy.Step WGN has been buying large indoor well.Freed, even though the body is small, the interior is wide. It has been buying more.
Freed, despite become the fourth year since its release, is more popular vehicles in excess of 10,000 units per month.

On the other hand, STREAM, despite significant price reductions to do with this minor change, the sales target is 1,000 units per month.
By Honda, a full model change of the STREAM, to compete with rival Toyota Wish is difficult.