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The compact SUV based on next FIT(JAZZ) will be released in 2013 by Honda.

JUKE is a rival product of FIT SUV

Honda is developing the SUV vehicle of FIT derivation. The full model change of FIT (European name JAZZ) will be scheduled for 2013 next year. The compact SUV car which used the next FIT as the base is developed by Honda. It is assumed to be released at Tokyo Motor Show in 2013. This FIT [...]

[ 2012/05/27 ]

SUBARU Impreza G4 Hybrid will be released in February, 2013.

Impreza G4 Hybrid,2013

Impreza G4 in which the hybrid engine will be installed. The release time of the Impreza hybrid was considered around the autumn in 2012. It will postpone and will be around February, 2013. A hybrid engine will be first installed for Impreza G4 of a sedan. (The following photograph is Impreza G4. ) Impreza Hybrid [...]

[ 2012/05/25 ]

Next Alfa Romeo Spider will be based on MAZDA MX-5, built in Hiroshima Japan.


New Alfa Romeo Spider will be based on next MX-5, made by MAZDA. Mazda announced on May 23, 2012 that we are discussing the business tie-up of 2 seater convertible production with Fiat. The target vehicle type is a convertible by which Fiat is planning sale by the Alfa Romeo brand. If a tie-up is [...]

[ 2012/05/23 ]

MAZDA3 Hybrid will be released in 2013.


MAZDA3 Hybrid will be put on the market in the autumn of 2013. Mazda is developing MAZDA3 Hybrid by the hybrid technology which Toyota supplies. The vehicle will be released in the autumn of 2013.Moreover, the full model change is also planned simultaneously. New Mazda 3 will be a world premiere by the Frankfurt auto [...]

[ 2012/05/21 ]

SUBARU XV will be released in the next autumn.Instrumentalpanel & trunk photos.

subaru XV

New photos of SUBARU XV in Beijing International Automobile Exhibition. We introduce the newest picture of compact crossover SUV,SUBARU XV. SUBARU XV of the silver-metallic color was exhibited in Tokyo Motor Show in 2011. Furthermore, XV of the white pearl color was displayed in the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition in 2012. Impreza XV of the [...]

[ 2012/05/15 ]

New Mazda6 will be exhibited at Paris Motor Show in September, 2012.

concept SHINARI

A diesel engine is installed in New Mazda6. In Mazda Booth of Tokyo Motor Show 2011, “SHINARI” and “TAKERI” were exhibited. The shape of these concept models is used for next Mazda6. The production model of Mazda6 will be a world premiere in Paris Motor Show 2012. Photos are the concept model “SHINARI” which embodied [...]

[ 2012/05/14 ]

Honda stopped development of the next INSIGHT.


The next INSIGHT has been canceled. Honda suspended developing the next INSIGHT of a hybrid car. The current 2nd generation INSIGHT was released in 2009 as a model following the 1st generation in 1999-2006 . However, the volume of sales had fallen short of expectation. The minor change of the INSIGHT was carried out in [...]

[ 2012/05/05 ]

EV sports car INFINITY EMERG-E in Beijing.


Infiniti Emerge was exhibited in also Beijing. Nissan showed INFINITY EMERG-E in Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. Honda displaied a new color of NSX concept, Toyota announced a new style concept and Nissan proposed the next-generation sport EV by Infiniti EMERG-E. This EMERG-E is the same vehicle as what was already exhibited in Geneva auto show [...]

[ 2012/05/02 ]

New Sentra will be a vehicle in common with new Sylphy in Beijin auto show.

New Sylphy in Beijin

Nissan new Sylphy is new Sentra. New Sylphy has been world premiere in Beijin International Automotive Exhibition 2012. The vehicle will be new Sentra in the North America. New Sylphy will be sold all over the world. First of all, it will produce at the Huadu factory of Dongfeng Nissan Motor Company Limited, and sale [...]

[ 2012/04/29 ]

A red NSX concept is displayed at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

NSX concept

Honda is developing the new model NSX. Honda is developing the new model NSX. It will be released in 2015.Honda has so far exhibited the NSX concept at North American International Auto Show and Geneva Motor Show. It is the Beijing Auto Show and was able to catch the sight again this time. The crimson [...]

[ 2012/04/26 ]

SWIFT EV hybrid will put on the market in March, 2013.


The range-extender system is adopted as SWIFT EV hybrid. At Tokyo Motor Show in 2011, EV hybrid which used SWIFT as the base was exhibited by Suzuki Booth. This model will be marketed. The gasoline engine only for power generation is installed in this SWIFT EV hybrid. It runs only with the torque from the [...]

[ 2012/04/15 ]

The minor change of LEGACY.The turbo version engine of 86 and BRZ is installed.

minor change of LEGACY

The minor change of LEGACY is carried out. LEGACY after a minor change was exhibited in New York International Auto Show the other day. LEGACY of the new exterior to which change was added centering on the front grille was able to be checked. The lineup of the grade which carries the new style 2.0L [...]

[ 2012/04/14 ]

V37 INFINITI G with hybrid engine will be released in 2013.


The model change of INFINITI G will be in 2013. Current V36 INFINITI G has been sold from 2006. In 2013, it will be given full model change innovation. New V37 INFINITI G will have a Hybrid Engine. The system consists of a V6 3.5L, motors and Lithium-ion battery. The horsepower output is 360ps. The [...]

[ 2012/04/11 ]

Honda has announced the Aqura RLX Concept.

Acura RLX Concept

New Aqura RL is a sale schedule in 2013. Honda made RLX Concept the world premiere in New York International Auto Show 2012.The RLX Concept will be released as New Acura RL in the North American market. The SH-AWD of Aqura RL will evolve further. The lineup of new Aqura RL will have a FF [...]

[ 2012/04/05 ]

Honda price-cuts significantly about STREAM. Line-up will be only RSZ.


STREAM will be minor changes. Grade configuration that will be reduced. Honda’s STREAM, be minor changes. STREAM of the current model, have a wide range of grade line-up (X, Gi, ZS, RSZ, TS, RST). However, after minor changes, leaving the RSZ, all others will be abolished. In addition, passengers are changed from 7 seater to [...]

[ 2012/04/04 ]

Toyota may have to release the 86 sedan.

the production plants of 86 and BRZ

Good order is 86. Might be to achieve the release of 86′s sedan. Cooperation of Toyota & Subaru, line-off ceremony of the 86 / BRZ has been made the other day. We had been long awaited from the time of the merger of Toyota and Subaru, the production of FR sports car equipped with a [...]

[ 2012/03/24 ]

The mass production of SUBARU BRZ and TOYOTA 86 began.

86 brz

SUBARU starts production of BRZ and 86. Subaru began production of Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 from March 16, 2012 today. BRZ and 86 are the new style FR sports cars of horizontally-opposed-engine loading. They fused the horizontally-opposed-engine technology of Subaru, and the direct injection technology of Toyota. The Fuji Heavy Industries (SUBARU) Gumma main [...]

[ 2012/03/16 ]

Mazda is developing CX-3 of compact SUV following CX-5.


Mazda will have CX-3 and CX-5 as two compact SUVs. Mazda has released CX-5 of new style SUV of 2.0L in February, 2012. A photograph is new CX-5. CX-5 with diesel engine is a value price of 2,580,000 yen. The new style clean diesel engine of Mazda named SKYACTIV D is popular. The talk of [...]

[ 2012/03/05 ]

Prius C / Toyota has exhibited the new Hybrid Car in Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

Aqua Prius C

New Prius C will be released in January, 2012. New Prius C has been exhibited in Tokyo Motor Show. In Japan, it is named Aqua and The official announcement will be on December 26. Sale of it will begin from January, 2012. Prius C in Tokyo Motor Show. Prius C has been exhibited in the [...]

[ 2011/12/04 ]

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